My heart will go on

Some personal news: after 3.5 years at Poppulo, it’s time to move on. I’m joining Evervault as part of the founding team to help make data privacy simple encrypt the web. As the first designer (and third employee) to join Evervault, I’ll go ahead and give myself the title of VP of Colouring.

I’m super proud of how the Poppulo platform moved forward in these last few years, especially of how far the mobile product has come — I can’t wait to see where the product is heading!

At Poppulo there was never a dull day: it has been incredibly fun, I made some good friends and I had some of the best times of my career. The people at Poppulo are fantastic, and I wish everyone continued success in the future.

For everyone at Poppulo, thanks again for everything and keep on rocking!

Ps.: I’m sorry if you watched the video above.
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