Edmundo Santos

I’m an interface designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I work at Artillery, building tools to help developers keep their apps fast and reliable.

Outside of design, I like mountain biking (or just biking in general), photography, and spending time outdoors.

One day, I’ll move to the country (and eat a lot of peaches).



Design Engineer at Artillery

Designing interfaces for the most advanced load-testing platform in the world.


Design Engineer at Evervault

Founding designer. Worked on everything from web development to product design.


Product Designer at Poppulo

Web design, product design, and web development. Worked on Poppulo’s analytics and mobile products.


Web Designer at Fixe Ideias

Founding designer. Web design, product design, and web development.


Graphic Designer at Jograf

Publication design, brand design, and illustration. Finished artwork for serigraphy and offset printing.


I’m not active on social networks, but feel free to give it a follow for inconsistent updates. Or you can subscribe to my RSS feed.


Typeset in Output Sans and IBM Plex Mono. Built with Figma, Next.js, Contentlayer, and Framer Motion. Deployed on Vercel.