Hi, I’m Ed. I’m a Product Designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Most recently I was a Design Engineer at Evervault, working on developer tools to help companies encrypt their most sensitive data.

My experience is a mixture of product design, interaction design, visual design, programming, and a bit of gardening too.

Sometimes, I write. More often, I read.



Design Engineer at Evervault

Founding designer. Worked on everything from web development to product design. Average-skilled mountain biker.


Product Designer at Poppulo

Web design, product design, and web development. Worked on Poppulo Analytics and Poppulo Mobile. Apprentice ping-pong player.


Web Designer at Fixe Ideias

Founding designer. Web design, product design, and web development. Professional foosball player.


Graphic Designer at Jograf

Publication design, brand design, and illustration. Finished artwork for serigraphy and offset printing. Average-skilled football player.



Typeset in IBM Plex. Built with Figma, Next.js, Contentlayer, and Framer Motion. Deployed on Vercel.